Sunday, 24 July 2011

Straight forward vs Sneaky orders v.03

Famous movies could make money by delivering explicit and/or implicit messages from their sponsors, into their scenes. Putting product logos or showing actors utilizing certain products or services could encourage behaviors in their audience's community.

The law is the kind that encourage behavior in obvious straight forward ways. Those who wanted to engage in certain interactions, could clearly observe the law first and have themselves exposed to the contract within, explicitly in writing.

But order that's implied by tv shows or movies has quite the power to realize despite their non obviousness.

Be careful of the trends movies or other shows might bring to your communities. Whenever you see a popular movies, not only they send messages of product offers, but they might also attempt to influence people's behavior. And this could be as scary as encouraging bullies, by making violence seems cool... encouraging kids to trick each other, by glorifying trickster's lifestyles... encouraging dangerous sexual behaviors...

The thing is, the way they make people do what they want is so soft and hard to point out without raising debates, but the effect could be real and bad, really bad.

Have Law Have Life

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