Tuesday, 26 July 2011

HUmanity in the system of Laws

Elements of life:

1. Love (tendency to keep on experiencing interactions forever)
2. Identity (set of memory)
3. Personality (way of defining what's lovely and what's not)
which all made up:
1. Sensoric system
2. Analytical system
3. Control system / binding / network to bind the systems

In other words one is conscious when the person could define his/her/its own problems.

When we obey the law, we are not denying ourselves as living beings, we obey the law because we want to participate in integrated solutions that would help us with our problems.

The law that addresses real problems and is integratedly working and mutual, sometimes doesn't have the same priority with us... but it certainly addresses real problems, problems that might brought us even more trouble in the future when they are not well solutioned.

So obeying the law is really human.


  1. I'll add to this, element of life:
    1. Inclination to keep one's self interacting
    2. Property, matters that always prioritize your inclinations.
    3. Inclination to differenciate which one is not me, which inclination is from me, which is not.

  2. The trinity could be:
    1. The Father: Inclination to incline
    2. The Son: Inclination to obey the father, or the property of the Father
    3. The Identity: Inclination to differenciate which is from the father which is not from the father (because the existence of inclination means that there are other inclinations not in align with the inclination). Therefore I am not the inclination not to incline (don't obey them, this is my property not theirs, I'm the property of the Father not theirs, this rules I must obey not that one) therefore I am.