Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Evil Distractors v.02

Time exist due to irreversibility of interactions, that means our sense of time is our realization that total interactions always occuring, can't be reversed or repeated, and therefore always new.

Our scarcity is not of time nor energy, but of solutions... so the world's scarcity is not of time nor energy, but of mutual solutions.

All living beings update their system... especially in professional career... people who could identify relevant problems and became part of the relevant solutions are the ones who's desirable.

As we know, evil is the desire to be king in chaos than regular people in world of mutuality. This desire came out of lies. Sometimes the lie in people makes them want to distract other people from being relevant.

In the event of exposure to new relevant solutions, or new relevant problems... evil distract others so that only he/she became aware of the time. This could give rise chances for monopoly, or some kind of competitive advantage.

The act could done for example just by doing some annoying coughs or annoying nasal snorts... However, such simple things could made horrible differences.

Here's my question, are you exposed to unimportant problems, do you care only about solutions that's not relevant, just because you unintentionally got distracted on overwhelming minor distractions?

Little difference matters, and sometimes details set apart one's quality of solutions from another. Evil people could care less about the chance to create high quality solutions together and rather produce mediocre products by themselves.

To protect mutuality within a company, people need administrations or solutions to tell, when's the problem is relevant and when they are not. When's some "minor" distraction was real and when they are not. Real reactions have reliable cause behind (that people could make mutuality and relevance out of), but when such reactions were made up, corporate culture will be less considerate of important factors, and therefore increases the chance of failure to produce highly mutual solutions. There's also the risk of such lies became embodied within the company's habit or culture.

Lies are the ultimate non mutual informations.

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