Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Obvious, but... (Offsprings are not pension funds!)

Some people might say, social security should be balanced with the restriction of children.
People who live only on live support should not be allowed to have many kids, punishable by sterilization, vasectomy or tubal ligation or other methods...


I think this is not accurate, kids are being thrown to rubbish bins and left alone in front of other people's door... This is Crazy.
I say everybody deserve social security just for being good people (honest, and everything that's good in the bible). Because they are fighting for humanity or the inclination to preserve humanity. So that the inclination would be prioritized in this world.
But If you can't maintain a kid please, don't have kids.

Humans are not machines, they could act like machines, but then their job and their lifetime investment of skill would be replaced by robots.
Humans are humans, we live to help people, and to propagate interactions, and to diversify. We are the God of this world, that's how God recruits us... otherwise we'd have no part in His kingdom.
We are the one who reduce people's sufferings, we are the healer, we are the redeemer, we are the Jesus.