Thursday, 30 June 2011

Copyright a trademark?

Now I've always support the idea to treat intellectual properties more like privacy laws. That is, to treat violations of copyright, patent, trade secrets, plant breeders, as violation of confidentiality. This way, all materials that are publicly available should be made free to copy, free to tink, and convey... and materials that are only available after you agreed to some terms and conditions, or confidentiality agreements, even for gratis, would be subjects of monopoly by the authors.

Now ofcourse, you don't apply this way for trademarks... I have little criticism on the way the law treat trademarks nowadays. However if the law would really enforce the right of publicly accessible communities to have secrets, then in each of the communities, which might consists of millions... they could have their own trademarks. These trademarks could be ruled as confidential to the community whereas if they were leaked on the public domain, the community could prosecute the offenders.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Forces that you could and could not care

Being aware of laws, forces, that drive interactions around you, is good. But we must admit the limitation of our individual consciousness.

Referring to bruce lipton (search him on youtube... and filter for partners). Humans' cells are like amoebas, and they joined together to make up humans. Referring to ted talks by David Christian, by joining together, cells evolved senses that they didn't have before.

By being in the law, we are creating a new organism that would support our lives. Organism that would sense forces we as separate individuals would have a hard time to grasp. As long as the law's administration of appropriate allocating of resources works... i see little reason why supporting the law is robotic and non humane.

Humans work together, we made plans ahead to obey, in order to shun away bad forces from our life. I don't see how's obeying the law is more inhumane than being spontaneous. My suggestion is to take care of your own cells, eat good food, be nutritiously balanced, if you can.

Consciousness and The Law v.04

Some might think that obeying the law makes you a robot, makes you less conscious.
Some, like me, think the opposite, obeying the law makes you more conscious.

Firstly, what is consciousness?
In one point of view, consciousness is the when something is very uncontrollable. And the administration of the uncontrollable could control another.

So consciousness is the ability to control, and the ability to refuse from being controlled.

Now obeying the law seems to deny the "ability to refuse from being controlled". But on the opposite, if you decide to be in the law, you refuse from being controlled by your desires.

Let me explain,
Say you are hungry, and you see your friends' meal laying around while he/she is away at a meeting. The law says do not eat it, but your hunger inclined you towards eating it.
Not eating it, is controlling your body, which took a lot of consciousness. While eating it, doesn't took a lot of control, unless you are the type of person who decided to not obey the law in your life, then it could be said that you are conscious.

If you don't follow certain rules, or certain plan, you're doing things less consciously. From the point of view of people who wants to control other people, who wants to deprive consciousness... people who don't have plans are controllable... just give them fun stuff and they'll do what is suggested. People like the victim is less conscious.

But when people adhered to certain plan, believing, having faith on some plans, he/she is controlling him/herself, refusing submission over forces he/she does not in terms with.

Make plans, Decide faiths, be more conscious.

My suggestion... the law wants to support humanity, support intellectual property, or the creation and practice of mutual solutions. The scarcity of the world is not of time nor energy, but of mutual solutions. Lets make the world richer, its your call.

Monday, 20 June 2011

The Privacy Policy of This blog v.05

Bahasa Indonesia:

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Friday, 17 June 2011

Evil is like natural disaster. Ideally, it's not appropriate to blame evil only to the person who execute it.
External factors played the role as well, and crimes in a calm and peaceful neighborhood should be treated different from those that are committed in a war like environment.

But again the question is, who started the war? Who forsee the probabilities of war and peace, and chose war?


Despite the issues, we need to improve tolerance within the society. Bad things that is not a crime should not lead to crimes or jails. This is my opinion.

The scarcity of the world is not of time nor energy, but of working solutions.

When you live in environments minimum of working solutions, would you give in? or would you fight?
Would you fight to create working solutions?

Make the world safer, better, richer... mutualism will win, with or without us.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Medias for The Law v.02

Laws should not always just in the form of writing, words are genius, but expressions could deliver faster and more messages than mere words.
Therefore, in the spirit of UUD1945 (Indonesia's constitution), whereas the order of the law is in the spirit not in the rituals... I'm looking forward to laws expressed using various medias.

But for the state to properly took place, we need to tackle the problem of poverty... and give most communities, including the poors, accesses to the internet.

Probably they could be given accesses in turns at their respective district offices. But what do I know. God Bless Indonesia, God Bless me, I need them blessings.