Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Consciousness and The Law v.04

Some might think that obeying the law makes you a robot, makes you less conscious.
Some, like me, think the opposite, obeying the law makes you more conscious.

Firstly, what is consciousness?
In one point of view, consciousness is the when something is very uncontrollable. And the administration of the uncontrollable could control another.

So consciousness is the ability to control, and the ability to refuse from being controlled.

Now obeying the law seems to deny the "ability to refuse from being controlled". But on the opposite, if you decide to be in the law, you refuse from being controlled by your desires.

Let me explain,
Say you are hungry, and you see your friends' meal laying around while he/she is away at a meeting. The law says do not eat it, but your hunger inclined you towards eating it.
Not eating it, is controlling your body, which took a lot of consciousness. While eating it, doesn't took a lot of control, unless you are the type of person who decided to not obey the law in your life, then it could be said that you are conscious.

If you don't follow certain rules, or certain plan, you're doing things less consciously. From the point of view of people who wants to control other people, who wants to deprive consciousness... people who don't have plans are controllable... just give them fun stuff and they'll do what is suggested. People like the victim is less conscious.

But when people adhered to certain plan, believing, having faith on some plans, he/she is controlling him/herself, refusing submission over forces he/she does not in terms with.

Make plans, Decide faiths, be more conscious.

My suggestion... the law wants to support humanity, support intellectual property, or the creation and practice of mutual solutions. The scarcity of the world is not of time nor energy, but of mutual solutions. Lets make the world richer, its your call.

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