Friday, 25 November 2011

Pendidikan Hukum di Sekolah

Contoh Soal:
Sebutkan berbagai pelanggaran yang diatur dalam KUHP sampai pada tahun 2011:

Berikan contoh menurut anda kelakuan-kelakuan yang dapat dianggap mengganggu ketertiban umum:

Berikan contoh menurut anda kelakuan-kelakuan yang dapat dianggap melanggar hak asasi manusia:

Jelaskan macam-macam hak-hak konsumen.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Be Nice to Honest People

When you deal with the government and the officers treated you well, didn't asked for any bribes, doing their job properly and on time, please be nice to them. Ask them about their mosque or their churches or their place of worship, and make donations to the place.
I hope this would improve their reputation among their community and would encourage Indonesians to be more honest.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Arrest Corruptors and change the administrations

Some feel content when successful in arresting corrupt officers or bribers. I'm asking my fellow citizens to change the administrations that they were at also. What's the use of having humans behind bars but let the administrations roam free. The administration would just produce more bad humans.

Our real enemies are laws and administrations that are hindering our accesses to solutions. Why are we fighting each other, we all humans, maybe ourselves have adopted bad administrations. The target is to correct bad administrations that created corruptions and change it to administrations that are helpful for us. Target the system, target the management models, alter their networks.

Change the administrations, change the people, change the world to suit us humans. Win, Have life

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Our Power

The Law is our power, we should be able to access the law, to use it and change it. Moreover we are in democracy, don't let our enemies stop us from acccessing the law, don't let them made us abandon the law. Lets change the law, don't stop till it happen, the world is ours. Have life.