Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Law and our Life v.05

In humans there are parts that want to influence other humans in defining their problems. However instead of clearly express our intentions, we could be deceitful and influence others without their permission. In other words, trying to make them our robot.

Obeying the law is one way to avoid this. Since the law state their intentions and are available for the public to investigate or audit... the lifestyle of living in the law might made us able to reduce the habit and the chance of doing the disrespectful ways.

By obeying the law we might be able to participate in the betterment of the law. My hope is that by participating in the law, we would have better, faster, relevant, sustainable integrated working mutual solutions for our life. And intuitive, eventually.

HUmanity in the system of Laws

Elements of life:

1. Love (tendency to keep on experiencing interactions forever)
2. Identity (set of memory)
3. Personality (way of defining what's lovely and what's not)
which all made up:
1. Sensoric system
2. Analytical system
3. Control system / binding / network to bind the systems

In other words one is conscious when the person could define his/her/its own problems.

When we obey the law, we are not denying ourselves as living beings, we obey the law because we want to participate in integrated solutions that would help us with our problems.

The law that addresses real problems and is integratedly working and mutual, sometimes doesn't have the same priority with us... but it certainly addresses real problems, problems that might brought us even more trouble in the future when they are not well solutioned.

So obeying the law is really human.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Straight forward vs Sneaky orders v.03

Famous movies could make money by delivering explicit and/or implicit messages from their sponsors, into their scenes. Putting product logos or showing actors utilizing certain products or services could encourage behaviors in their audience's community.

The law is the kind that encourage behavior in obvious straight forward ways. Those who wanted to engage in certain interactions, could clearly observe the law first and have themselves exposed to the contract within, explicitly in writing.

But order that's implied by tv shows or movies has quite the power to realize despite their non obviousness.

Be careful of the trends movies or other shows might bring to your communities. Whenever you see a popular movies, not only they send messages of product offers, but they might also attempt to influence people's behavior. And this could be as scary as encouraging bullies, by making violence seems cool... encouraging kids to trick each other, by glorifying trickster's lifestyles... encouraging dangerous sexual behaviors...

The thing is, the way they make people do what they want is so soft and hard to point out without raising debates, but the effect could be real and bad, really bad.

Have Law Have Life

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Fundamental difference for individuals in the face of Tyranny v.06

We've been living in the world of democracy for quite a while... I mean my generation, currently their 20's.
In the world of tyranny, only few people are allowed to be sources of solutions. This is to keep the solutions support each other or integrated with each other.
But in the world of democracy, the law is created by the people and integrated with hi tech creative minds of the people's representatives.

In the world of tyranny, if you obey the law, you would likely to become part of solutions mostly for the favor of few people.
So as in the world of oligrakhs.
But in the world of hi-tech working democracy, obeying the law would be of help for most people.

In this point of view, democracy works in align with socialist's utopia, and tyranny works for capitalist's utopia. But this is the truth, not the other way around.

My utopia is the world full of solutions, for everybody. Those who could came up with mutual solutions are prioritized, instead of mobs of violent gangsters both rich and poor.

I observe, and conclude, that just by obeying the law that support total welfare for all... we would contribute to the opening up the gates of millions of niagaras of mutual solutions for us. Because people are providers of solutions.

Pahlawan kekayaan dunia v.02

Kemiskinan individu bukanlah kemiskinan waktu atau energi, tapi kemiskinan akan solusi. Kemiskinan di dunia bukanlah kemiskinan waktu atau energi, tapi kemiskinan akan solusi yang saling mendukung.
Di Indonesia ada banyak tenaga potensial kerja yang menganggur. Sementara pabrik pabrik semakin canggih dan semakin sedikit membutuhkan tenaga manusia.

Secara ekonomis hal ini lebih berpotensi untuk menguntungkan daripada merugikan. Semakin kecil biaya memproduksi suatu produk, semakin murah harga barangnya sehingga masyarakat yang membutuhkan barang tersebut dapat menabung, dan berinvestasi. Hasil investasi ini kemudian dapat meningkatkan lapangan pekerjaan lebih banyak lagi dari sebelumnya, atau gaji yang lebih tinggi dari sebelumnya untuk skill yang sama.

Tapi permasalahannya adalah, sementara tabungan masyarakat masih dalam bentuk tabungan, dan belum mengalir menjadi lapangan pekerjaan yang baru... bagaimana nasib mereka yang diberhentikan kerja karena kenyataan ini?

Menurut saya, dengan adanya KTP elektronik, pemerintah dapat lebih mudah mendata secara khusus siapa saja para pekerja yang keadaannya sedemikian. Dan untuk mereka agar disediakan fasilitas khusus, sehingga pada masa transisi tersebut mereka dapat hidup, dan kemudian saat lapangan pekerjaan baru tersedia mereka dapat diprioritaskan. Boleh dibilang kalau seandainya mereka rela diberhentikan daripada teman mereka yang skillnya sama, mereka itu pahlawan kekayaan dunia, dan baik untuk diberikan fasilitas khusus lagi.


Contoh administrasi, perusahaan yang mengontrak para pengangguran transisi sebagai pegawai selama setahun, mendapatkan subsidi gaji selama 6 bulan pertama untuk orang tersebut.

Evil Distractors v.02

Time exist due to irreversibility of interactions, that means our sense of time is our realization that total interactions always occuring, can't be reversed or repeated, and therefore always new.

Our scarcity is not of time nor energy, but of solutions... so the world's scarcity is not of time nor energy, but of mutual solutions.

All living beings update their system... especially in professional career... people who could identify relevant problems and became part of the relevant solutions are the ones who's desirable.

As we know, evil is the desire to be king in chaos than regular people in world of mutuality. This desire came out of lies. Sometimes the lie in people makes them want to distract other people from being relevant.

In the event of exposure to new relevant solutions, or new relevant problems... evil distract others so that only he/she became aware of the time. This could give rise chances for monopoly, or some kind of competitive advantage.

The act could done for example just by doing some annoying coughs or annoying nasal snorts... However, such simple things could made horrible differences.

Here's my question, are you exposed to unimportant problems, do you care only about solutions that's not relevant, just because you unintentionally got distracted on overwhelming minor distractions?

Little difference matters, and sometimes details set apart one's quality of solutions from another. Evil people could care less about the chance to create high quality solutions together and rather produce mediocre products by themselves.

To protect mutuality within a company, people need administrations or solutions to tell, when's the problem is relevant and when they are not. When's some "minor" distraction was real and when they are not. Real reactions have reliable cause behind (that people could make mutuality and relevance out of), but when such reactions were made up, corporate culture will be less considerate of important factors, and therefore increases the chance of failure to produce highly mutual solutions. There's also the risk of such lies became embodied within the company's habit or culture.

Lies are the ultimate non mutual informations.

Avoiding disintegration within an organization

Dishonesty could be in a form when you or somebody else appeal to anothers' subconscious, that you or the other people deserve more help than others... while probably you or the other people just deserve from the 'somebody else' guy, as much help as anybody else do.

The dishonesty would give rise to detrimental conditions, whereas people's way of participating in a law or in a system that support solutions for many's problems became imbalanced or flawed due to favoritism.

A tragic waste, according to me, is when some solutions became incomplete or not well distributed the way they're supposed to, or the way they're pre-designed to, due to some of the people within the system were fooled into stupid favoritism. Stupid, in a way that the favoritism was there only due to one's feeling oblivious from the one's logic.

People need to be careful, and companies need to create special administration to tackle this problem, because it is an issue peope rarely willing to talk about, because its about flaws in intuitions or feelings, therefore it could be embarassing for the one who's being criticized and for the one who brought up the discussion. However the consequences might be bad for harmony within their organization.

Really ask yourself, do you favor some people using personally owned resources? or professionally controlled resources? Do they who won favor from you deserve them professionally or just personally? And most importantly ofcourse, have you perform your basic responsibilites first, so that everybody else got their systematically deserved professional help from you before you give any favor to any others in the workplace?

Now who's not liable from doing such mistake? Leaders might be the ones who needed to introspect the most (because they got less supervision). By creating sessions of reviews for professional integrity of individuals within organizations, especially individual leaders, such problems could be addressed. The review need to be from all sides, bottom up, up bottom, and the rest.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Nota Hibah, Proof of Charity v.02

Tahukah anda bahwa anda bahwa anda dapat memberikan inventaris kantor kepada kantor-kantor instansi pemerintah secara resmi? Setelah itu anda akan diberikan Nota Hibah.

Do you know that in Indonesia you could give equipments or other gifts to a government office? Yes, and you are entitled for official Proof of Charity afterwards.

What the law needs v.04

The next administrations to be incorporated in to laws of countries are improvements for sensoric systems and analytical systems... to identify administrations that are not mutual, that doesn't support love, that will ended up causing wars, etc.

After completing so, it would be easier to create control administrations, to neutralize and change dangerous non mutual solutions, to be used for mutualism, for love.

Monday, 11 July 2011

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The Wisdom of Calvin Coolidge

The Wisdom of Calvin Coolidge

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Have Confidence

We humans are creatures of order, we identify them, share them with each other, add to them, change, and create, we are managers of laws.

We don't have to be big companies to make a difference, we don't have to be an organization to have properties.

Without atoms there would be no particles, we as humans could be a part of the solution. Be in the Law, improve solutions, take care of problems.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Variasi Hukum untuk Otonomi

Apakah pemerintah Otonomi dapat mengeluarkan peraturan variasi hukum/undang-undang yang disesuaikan dengan wilayahnya? Kemudian variasi tersebut direview oleh pusat....

Monday, 4 July 2011

Another Solution

I think that my previous post could be considered as being too media capitalistic. So another solution could be to regulate that all political campaigns must only be held on certain medias only. Political candidates equally take turns on delivering their messages. And they would not be allowed to advertise on other medias, including tv, street billboards, sponsorships, etc.

Democracy is being pirated

I just realized this after a conversation with my father. I regret not knowing this sooner, maybe because I've used pirated materials too much.

Why is it that the people don't want to sponsor their representative's campaigns? Why do people let companies sponsor their representatives?

In democracy the government is the machine for the people, the servant, that's the way it's supposed to be. With tyranny people conform with the will of the tyrant, but in democracy the government conform with the people.

Now this is an opportunity, the government need to obey the law... and instead of being corrupt... people need to sponsor the campaigns of their representatives.

Set up foundations for this purpose... millions of people allocate their money for their representatives... not just their votes. The representatives then would work for the people... they might be able to abolish compulsary taxing if they could.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Hukum sebagai kumpulan solusi yang saling mendukung v.11

Hukum adalah kumpulan solusi yang saling mendukung. Kemiskinan di dunia bukanlah kemiskinan waktu atau energi, tapi kemiskinan solusi.

Permasalahan yang sedang dihadapi sekarang adalah, bagaimana solusi terhadap suatu permasalahan tidak merusak solusi terhadap permasalahan yang lainnya.

Faktor-Faktor yang harus dipertimbangkan (bagian 1-5 bisa membosankan karena terlalu mendasar, tapi kenyataannya ada diabaikan):

1. Apakah permasalahan - permasalahan yang sedang teratasi secara alami.

2. Apakah permasalahan-permasalahan yang sedang diusahakan?

3. Apakah permasalahan-permasalahan yang akan dihadapi?

4. Apakah solusinya?

5. Apakah permasalahan-permasalahan yang sudah tidak relevan? Sehingga apakah solusi-solusi yang sudah tidak relevan?

6. Apakah solusi baru (inovasi) yang dibuat akan merusak solusi lama yang sedang berlaku?
Apakah solusi yang baru akan merusak solusi yang lain yang sedang dikerjakan?
Apakah solusi yang baru akan menimbulkan masalah yang baru yang tidak ada sebelumnya?
Apakah solusi yang baru dapat menggantikan solusi yang lama dalam mengatasi dan/atau menyelesaikan masalah yang bersangkutan dengan lebih baik?

7. Apakah solusi-solusi yang sudah tidak relevan, dan kapankah solusi-solusi tersebut akan relevan lagi? (gabungan no 2 & 4).

8. Masalah yang mana yang diprioritaskan untuk diatasi dulu kalau-kalau ada benturan solusi?

Hukum suatu negara, sudah mengandung masalah-masalah yang sangat penting yang harus diprioritaskan... masalah-masalah yang kalau tidak disolusikan, akan mengakibatkan atau memperpelik masalah-masalah.

Kalau suatu masalah, sampai dibuat menjadi hukum, kemungkinan besar masalah itu memang sangat penting untuk diprioritaskan.

Jadi... para pembuat hukum umumnya ada memikirkan 8 poin yang di atas tadi, maka memprioritaskan taat hukum itu, walaupun awalnya cape, tapi sangat baik mustinya, dalam arti meningkatkan kekayaan.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Cara membaca masa depan

Pertama kita harus menyadari bahwa segala keberadaan kita adalah karena ditopang oleh hukum.

Kemudian kita pelajari, hukum-hukum apa saja yang relevan di dalam lingkungan kita dan hukum-hukum apa saja yang seharusnya kita gunakan.

Kemudian kita lihat, hukum-hukum apa saja yang tidak digunakan, atau mulai berhenti digunakan.

Hukum adalah kumpulan solusi-solusi masalah yang saling menopang. Kemiskinan di dunia bukanlah kemiskinan waktu ataupun energi, tapi kemiskinan solusi yang saling menguntungkan, atau kemiskinan akan solusi.

Begitu satu hukum mulai ditinggalkan, otomatis masalah akan datang. Contoh, begitu saya lihat orang-orang mulai berhenti untuk berhenti pada lampu merah, dan memilih untuk langsung jalan saja... saya akan memilih untuk membeli motor atau mobil kecil daripada beli mobil yang besar.

Apakah kesadaran itu? Kesadaran adalah kebijaksanaan, yaitu kemampuan untuk memprediksi masa depan. Alam semesta terbuat dari cinta, yaitu kecenderungan untuk terus menerus mengalami interaksi selama lamanya. Perhatikanlah masa depan, dan berusahalah untuk menjauhi interaksi yang tidak membawa kepada interaksi demi interaksi selamanya.

Have Law, Have Life.