Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Fundamental difference for individuals in the face of Tyranny v.06

We've been living in the world of democracy for quite a while... I mean my generation, currently their 20's.
In the world of tyranny, only few people are allowed to be sources of solutions. This is to keep the solutions support each other or integrated with each other.
But in the world of democracy, the law is created by the people and integrated with hi tech creative minds of the people's representatives.

In the world of tyranny, if you obey the law, you would likely to become part of solutions mostly for the favor of few people.
So as in the world of oligrakhs.
But in the world of hi-tech working democracy, obeying the law would be of help for most people.

In this point of view, democracy works in align with socialist's utopia, and tyranny works for capitalist's utopia. But this is the truth, not the other way around.

My utopia is the world full of solutions, for everybody. Those who could came up with mutual solutions are prioritized, instead of mobs of violent gangsters both rich and poor.

I observe, and conclude, that just by obeying the law that support total welfare for all... we would contribute to the opening up the gates of millions of niagaras of mutual solutions for us. Because people are providers of solutions.

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