Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Avoiding disintegration within an organization

Dishonesty could be in a form when you or somebody else appeal to anothers' subconscious, that you or the other people deserve more help than others... while probably you or the other people just deserve from the 'somebody else' guy, as much help as anybody else do.

The dishonesty would give rise to detrimental conditions, whereas people's way of participating in a law or in a system that support solutions for many's problems became imbalanced or flawed due to favoritism.

A tragic waste, according to me, is when some solutions became incomplete or not well distributed the way they're supposed to, or the way they're pre-designed to, due to some of the people within the system were fooled into stupid favoritism. Stupid, in a way that the favoritism was there only due to one's feeling oblivious from the one's logic.

People need to be careful, and companies need to create special administration to tackle this problem, because it is an issue peope rarely willing to talk about, because its about flaws in intuitions or feelings, therefore it could be embarassing for the one who's being criticized and for the one who brought up the discussion. However the consequences might be bad for harmony within their organization.

Really ask yourself, do you favor some people using personally owned resources? or professionally controlled resources? Do they who won favor from you deserve them professionally or just personally? And most importantly ofcourse, have you perform your basic responsibilites first, so that everybody else got their systematically deserved professional help from you before you give any favor to any others in the workplace?

Now who's not liable from doing such mistake? Leaders might be the ones who needed to introspect the most (because they got less supervision). By creating sessions of reviews for professional integrity of individuals within organizations, especially individual leaders, such problems could be addressed. The review need to be from all sides, bottom up, up bottom, and the rest.

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