Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Forces that you could and could not care

Being aware of laws, forces, that drive interactions around you, is good. But we must admit the limitation of our individual consciousness.

Referring to bruce lipton (search him on youtube... and filter for partners). Humans' cells are like amoebas, and they joined together to make up humans. Referring to ted talks by David Christian, by joining together, cells evolved senses that they didn't have before.

By being in the law, we are creating a new organism that would support our lives. Organism that would sense forces we as separate individuals would have a hard time to grasp. As long as the law's administration of appropriate allocating of resources works... i see little reason why supporting the law is robotic and non humane.

Humans work together, we made plans ahead to obey, in order to shun away bad forces from our life. I don't see how's obeying the law is more inhumane than being spontaneous. My suggestion is to take care of your own cells, eat good food, be nutritiously balanced, if you can.

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