Thursday, 19 April 2012

Prevention Oriented Law Enforcement

After listening to Robert LeFevre's podcast at "What is the right amount of Government?"(, accessed 19th of April 2012), I'm reminded about the issue I thought about a while ago. The problem of jobs that in nature gained salaries or payments from the existence of human problems.

Professions such as doctors, armies, police, etc. They got paid out of our sufferings, and this is not good. Can we make them attempt to eliminate these problems in more permanent ways from our lives?We should create a scheme where these people would keep on getting paid, and would get less payments if we ended up being sick, or at war, or experienced criminal problems, etc.

I propose a system where we kept on paying these people generous amounts of money every month, but depends on the level of reports of occurence of problems, we would reduce our generousity.
For example, if a lot of people got sick, they got paid minimum wage, but if a lot of people were healthy they would get the full amounts of the generous amount.

Ofcourse in order to prevent them from refusing reports, we set up an independent bodies to accept reports. And these independent administrators checked the validity of the reports, and then announced the results online and directly to the major, or governors.

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