Saturday, 12 May 2012

Traffic Law improvement, my idea.

Ok, let me try to propose this idea, it might worked really well if I'm right.

So we have this problem of traffic jam. But traffic jam is not always occured in both sides of the road. When the left side of the road was jammed, those that are on the right that are coming from the opposite direction, should be allowed to cut through the jam if they wanted to turn right.
I mean it should be guidelined to be so, currently if I were to follow the law, I must go around to the back of the que. But if it were regulated that its ok for few cars or bikes to cut through traffic jam once in a while then unnecessary blocks could be avoided.

The existence of the guidline would also prevent too many cars and bikes cut through the jam.


The Law said, during normal circumstances traffic flow would be free of some regulations but people were given guidelines so that when confusion occured they'd knew which and which to be prioritized and done.

During extreme circumstances the police could announce for the activation of the guideline as laws, and during that condition everyone must follow the law otherwise fined or jailed.

The guideline said, drivers should carry a sign and show it whenever they wanted to cut through traffic jams to get to the other side of the road. Only 5 people with the sign should be allowed to came accross at one time. If vehicles saw the sign, and decided to stop moving to give way, then the requestor could came in front of the vehicle to come accross, and other vehicles should give way to the crosser.
But after five crosser vehicles passed, there should be no more crosser to be let in. They would have to ask again to vehicles behind the previous giver, or wait for 1 minute.

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