Saturday, 18 February 2012

Matthew 11: 22 - 37

After reading this passage I realize, there are laws that are good and there are laws that are bad. Order is not always lovely, disorder could interact with order creating destructive administrations.
What I'm saying is, I need to pick which order is lovely, which is not. Our constitution, UUD'45 says that poor people and abandoned children should be taken care off by the country, Indonesia.

I believe that its good to support our constitution, even though maybe not all of laws within it is lovely. Some laws ban people from giving to the poor on the streets, I think this is not lovely. Poor people need food as fast as possible, short term, in this case education is not more important than charity. If its illegal to prevent people from dying just because we want our city to be more orderly, what's the point of achieving that?

Instead of having this law, lets create a special site for poor beggars to gather, the site should be in strategic places so that people could really see what's happening in their city.

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