Friday, 7 September 2012

Life, Freedom, Dignity

Dignity is the power to say no
If a fisherman met with a customer, and the customer offered too cheap of a price for his fish. He could say no.
Scientists, programmers, musicians, could say no to those who wanted to use their products by the help of the Intellectual Property Law.

Now why do this POWER to say no is very important?

What is life?
What sets us apart from non living things are our ability to say no from experiencing some interactions. We could see what's coming ahead, and decide whether or not we'd like to experience it.

Therefore, freedom is not given by the government, freedom is inherent in our life. The power to say no, is essential to life. Freedom is when you have the power to reject unpreferrable interactions and chose to experience the preferred ones. Without the power to say no, we are not free, and without freedom we are not alive.

When you took somebody else's dignity, you're killing him/her.

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