Sunday, 9 September 2012

Farmers' Monarchy v.04

Farmers have to be able to eat, sleep, get normal entertainment, access to internet, sanitation, life insurances, fuels, basic health treatments, other living costs, and some savings for their children's education.
Therefore the price of a sack of rice need to be increased to the point where they could do so.

New Law proposal:
1. Put a floor on price of food.
2. The floor level was based on prices of other commodities, if one commodity (other than food) gets too expensive, automatically the floor will increase accordingly.
3. All individuals should be given a land since they were born, that can't be sold. That piece of land is their "basic property right". If they want to move the location of the land they could do so, but they can't not have any land.

So the price for the sack of rice should be at about Three million rupiahs if this system was used (2012). Currently the price for a sack of rice is less than 250,000 rupiahs.

Expected results:
- Less urbanization
- Only the really skillful would work at public office, the less skillfull would choose another job. And this might leads to better synergy, less public salaries, less peers burden for the truly skillfull, less unproductive workplace politics in the supposedly people serving oriented public offices.
- Farmers have their deserved dignity, appreciation for their truly hard works, more investments and research would be dedicated for them.
- Businesses considers farmers as serious customers.
- More resistance against small group of ultra rich people to monopolize the farmlands and the ocean.
- More wealth for everybody in the long run.

I encourage this to be performed by the whole world.

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