Saturday, 17 December 2011

The Brain of the Law of Mutual relationships

We are the brain cells of the law. The more we participate in the law, the more the brain would grow and be smarter. It would provide for us space to perform more and more, better and better, mutually. Participating in the mutual law might not always easy, but the result is going to be permanent.

For the sake of improving the level of order, or participation, I propose that using current technology, we create a law that recognizes different levels of discipline... lets say level A. Lenient, B. Strict, C. Very Strict and then create a notifying output available everywhere interconnected with each other. The government then could announce demands for certain areas to exercise level B, or level C type of discipline.

This way, even those who haven't got too much education could participate within the law more. When things are not too hectic, level A would apply so everybody could act whatever the good things they feel like, but when things are getting crowdy or potentially dangerous, some would held their current activity back and change to participate in another activity... after the potential had relieved all could go back to level A again.

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