Friday, 23 September 2011

Unleashing Solutions

What we do, we remember... what we remember we'd consider to do it again.
What society do, society remembers...

You do charity, the society would remember charity as a part of itself... and would maintain the pattern during its growth.
You do intimidations and lies, the society would remember those as well.

Let's be honest, we all humans, we'd be grateful to have second chances, to have forgiveness. So lets release them to our reality.
Let's be honest, we don't like being made less able and less wanting to love. So let's isolate and banish bad solutions forever.

Nothing is free, even solutions that came from nature needs maintenance. Thats how the world works. Being nice to those who can't give back to you directly means lending to the world. And the universe will return the favor to you.

You release forgiveness to the world, then you'd improve the level of availability of forgiveness in your society. At first, it might seemed that nothing was given back to you... but as the fractal was activated, its contagious, and will influence even forces stronger that you. As we know the world is fractal.

If we increased our committment to the law, to mutual solutions. The law would work its way to the top, and to the bottom. And would increase the availability of access for everybody... to participate in the mutual solutions.

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